Another brilliant year with a wide variety of bands/acts.

We kicked off at the Prince with  The Medea Project , Lords of Lonesome, CryBaby Special and Tides of Ire  all giving the good crowd a whole variety of music.

We then moved on to the Divers and were royally entertained by  The Vicarage Lane , Kavanagh, Jake Quincey and the Big Rad Wolf and  Fading Illusion.


No competition on the saturday as it was Air Show day



Sunday saw us all at the Angling Association  with Pandamoanium , Silent Companions, Spectrum and At Worlds End for another night of 4 quite different music styles


Monday we are at the Hampton for first time in about 4 years and had Tax Return , Best Kept Secret, Normand Daughter and The Cold Harbour Blues Band giving 4 sterling performances



Tuesday night and its Rodneys night with Eleusia , MUTO, Numbers Up and Nude Vyper  giving a rousing end to the band section of the competition.  When finished I slipped off into a quiet spot and entered the judges scores for the night to my spreadsheet and discovered the 3 top scoring bands for the Final.   MUTO   —-  CryBaby Special   —- Silent Companions — its going to be quite a night at he Kings Hall.


Wednesday and we are at the Four Fathoms for the first acoustic night  with Chiara Zorzetto (all the way from Italy) , Luke Barratt , Shrinking Violets, Mark Lees , Ed Winchester Collective and Triplane.

Thursday its at the Heron fishing with Acoustic Numbers , Mark Harris , Alexis Zacharia, Strawberry Blue (defending champion) , Bodhi Music and Meg Garner.

After 2 brilliant nights of music the winner was Luke Barratt.

So on to the final at the Kings Hall where after the draw it was  Cry Baby Special , Silent Companions and MUTO who all put on great performances in front of an enthusiastic audience.

After the judges had completed their score sheets the winner was THE SILENT COMPANIONS

Thanks to all our Team , especially Martin , Joe , Ron , Brendon , Mike and Big thanks to Dan Russell for all the wonderful photos

Lets see what happens next year.