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2019 Herne Bay Rocks

So for 2019 it was the same heat venues but we switched the final to the VIBE rather than the Kings Hall. We generally get 150 to 200 at the final and sometimes they look a little lost in the… Continue Reading →

2018 Herne Bay Rocks

This year we moved from the Fathoms back to the Ship due to Management changes at both. We started off at the Divers on Friday 10th and what a night it was . The place was absolutely rammed with people… Continue Reading →

2017 Herne Bay Rocks

Another brilliant year with a wide variety of bands/acts. We kicked off at the Prince with  The Medea Project , Lords of Lonesome, CryBaby Special and Tides of Ire  all giving the good crowd a whole variety of music. We… Continue Reading →

2016 Herne Bay Rocks

2016 another fantastic HBR year. We had to drop Modz as a venue but were lucky to replace it with Four Fathoms where we would hold the first acoustic night. It all started off in the Divers with Flame Pilots… Continue Reading →

2015 Herne Bay Rocks

  In 2015 we changed the venue rules a little and decided it was right to only use venues that actively promoted live music. We therefore had to say goodbye and thanks to Heron pub and Vivid and unfortunately the… Continue Reading →

2014 Herne Bay Rocks

In 2014 the heats were held at  Vivid, Heron, Divers, Prince, Ship, Angling Association and the Retreat. The final was again held at the Kings Hall and as per previous year there were over 200 people in attendance. 3 acts… Continue Reading →

2013 Herne Bay Rocks

In 2013 it was decided that the final needed to be at a larger venue to accommodate the interested followers. So it was moved to the Kings Hall in Herne Bay , a venue that can hold 600 people and… Continue Reading →

2012 Herne Bay Rocks

In 2012 the same format was used but this time the Finals night was held at the Rodneys. In the final were The Eyes , The Doctrates and Colonel Mustard. After a tough battle the judges announced Colonel Mustard as… Continue Reading →

2011 Herne Bay Rocks

In 2011 the format was changed so that a finals night could be held for the top 3 acts. This year the final was at The Prince Of Wales and it was between  Luke Jackson , Burning Shapes and Lodestone…. Continue Reading →

2010 Herne Bay Rocks

This years winner played on the last night at the Prince of Wales and it was local singer songwriter Craig Francis. Craig was originally a member of PKO who later went on to win Herne Bay Rocks in the first… Continue Reading →

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