In 2013 it was decided that the final needed to be at a larger venue to accommodate the interested followers. So it was moved to the Kings Hall in Herne Bay , a venue that can hold 600 people and has seen bands of the status of Happy Mondays playing there.

On the night , attended by over 200 people, there were 3 bands competing The Doctrates from Herne Bay , Numbers Up from Maidstone  and Creek from Faversham and the eventual winner was Faversham based band Creek.

The Band was formed in June 2011 in the South East of England, Kentish Town Faversham, which influenced the band to be named CREEK, after the towns “tidal creek” Creek 07Creek 08

 We are a Rock original’s band, If you like hearing electrifying guitar riffs, pumping bass lines, loud and proud drums and the key ingredient of powerful vocals to add the cherry to the cake you will love us and what could be better than a night out with beer and great music.



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