In 2014 the heats were held at  Vivid, Heron, Divers, Prince, Ship, Angling Association and the Retreat. The final was again held at the Kings Hall and as per previous year there were over 200 people in attendance.

3 acts competed for the title  they were  Thomas Ashby an acoustic singer songwriter from Ashford , Rapture a young  Herne Bay band combining rap and hip hop and Skaciety a young band from Sittingbourne playing Ska/Punk music. After 3 great sets the winners , much to the delight of their army of fans was Rapture. Rapture Photo Shoot

Descending like a raging storm, not just with a sound but with a vibe that continues long into the night, Rapture UK are certainly a band to watch out for. Soft, unique vocals from lead singer Luke Barratt work with ferociously fast rapping by rapper/lead guitarist Ashton Lilburn. The rhythm section is made up of Davey and Nathan who provide a consistently cool collaboration and grinding beat for all to groove. Performing original material, Rapture UK’s blend of hip-hop, funk, reggae, rock, blues and indie creates a unique sound, combining a well measured mix of old and new, Rapture UK supply you with rocking riffs, bouncing basses, driving drums and smooth sounds for all to enjoy. Rapture 01


Check out Rapture new video —-In Vein—– released 17/01/2015.


Future Of Nothing is the first studio album recorded by Rapture UK including ten original songs ranging from rock to reggae, with plenty of barbaric bars, banging beats & meaningful melodies. Below you will find some previews of the tracks from the album due for release soon!         Rapture 07 Rapture 03Rapture 04Rapture 06Rapture 05        Rapture 02