In 2015 we changed the venue rules a little and decided it was right to only use venues that actively promoted live music. We therefore had to say goodbye and thanks to Heron pub and Vivid and unfortunately the Retreat closed.


We were lucky enough to get 3 new venues  Rodneys , Heron Angling Society and Modz.

We also decided to have 5 bands nights and 2 acoustic nights with top 3 scoring bands going to the final at Kings Hall. So it was   Prince , Divers , Angling Club , Ship and Rodneys for the bands and Heron and Modz for acoustic nights.

The standard this year was amazingly high with all types of music including for the first time a 3 piece jazz band —- The Jazz Trio—who’s combined ages were a mere 44!!!!!

After a close fought battle the 3 highest scoring bands were

FAMYNE— a fabulous DOOM metal band from Canterbury

POLAR BEACH —a real quality 3 piece band playing indie pop that some likened to Depech Mode from Margate

WITCHDOCTOR —- a brilliant prog rock ish Frank Zappa type music band from Herne Bay

On the night the 3 bands royally entertained the 250 crowd at the Kings Hall and whilst the judges counted the numbers last years winners RAPTURE played.

POLAR BEACH were declared the winners — 20150828_204541


In the Acoustic section we had 12 superb acts including for the first time a rapper —JLFLOW.

The winner over the 2 nights was the incredibly talented MATT APPELBY from Canterbury who wowed the Heron crowd with his guitar playing and tremendous vocals.

Matt Appelby

Matt Appelby

Matt Appelby

Matt Appelby