In 2008 we again had 5 venues (Bun Penny, Prince of Wales, Druids, Four Fathoms, Queen Vic).

This years winner came from the final night at the Prince of Wales and it was Amber Room.

Two of their members , Matt and Suleen, had some TV exposure when they appeared in the Voice in 2012.

Their bass player Alex Powley from Macs Music in Herne Bay is a big supporter of Herne Bay rocks.

Amber Room 03

With the completed line up finally coming together in 2007 AMBER ROOM had a fantastic first year in service having been deemed good enough by local promoters and Organisers to play along side the likes of Mystery Jets, Los Campesinos, Art Brut, Black kids, Light speed Champion, The Bees, Filthy Dukes and Kitty Daisy and Lewis, and sharing the stage with Hijak Oscar at the Lounge On The Farm festival.
Reputation started to spread, and on the back of simple word-of-mouth and gorilla style advertising they were asked to play at Zoothousand `08 festival with The Cribs, Athlete, Funeral For A Friend, Bloc Party, The Rumble Strips, Hadouken, and Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Listen –

Amber Room 05Amber Room 02Amber Room 04