Well here we go again with our HBR competition. First venue this year is the Divers and it is rammed with Herne Bay Rockers.

We started with the magnificent FLAME PILOTS and there  energetic front man Fiouse —they quickly had the place rocking.

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Next up it was DEAD BROKE –a 2 piece with Danny on guitar and  Rachel on drums— their fans gathered in anticipation and they were not disappointed  with the great blues tracks that they heard.

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Now you could not  move or breathe down the front !!!

Then on came FIELDS for their first ever live gig. This is a band that Craig Francis has brought together with Joe/Sam/Gary. The crowd were starting to leap around as Fields  , with Craig on vocals , belted out some tremendous songs,

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During the break the crowd went outside to cool down  knowing that Herne Bays finest — Boxing Octopus—were on next and the place was about to go wild. Alexis , Stavvy and Jack did not disappoint!!!!

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So who was this wild crowd!!!!

20160819_203117 20160819_203114 20160819_200402

and then there was Dave providing the perfect sound20160819_192808