Tonight we nearly had just 3 bands!!!   Only last night the drummer of Thames Delta R&B Memorial Society was told he had to go to work —so Mark had to find a drummer and then up stepped the fantastic Matt from Witchdoctor to fill in.

Thames Delta R&B Memorial Society were drawn first and you would have thought that Matt had always been their drummer.

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Next up was a young band called RAM  with HBR 15 year old veteran Ryan Hosier on lead guitar — they put in an awesome performance.

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Now up stepped Nude Vyper –they had a bit of bother with the police in HBR at the Divers last year. Their awesome drummer is actually on the cover of our CD from when he played with Creek. They thundered into their driven rock style.

20160821_214414 20160821_214426 20160821_221556 20160821_214847 20160821_215102

And now it is time for MUTO. Struan Robertson has won HBR in the past with Colonel Mustard and was also in Hot Rods and Dragsters. What is that strange instrument he is setting up????

20160821_223938 20160821_224549 20160821_224313 20160821_224300 20160821_223910

The team setting things up — apparently!!!

20160821_182831 20160821_182839