onward and upward –well eastward– to the Ship and its another packed house.

First band up –Ed Winchester Collective — and many thanks to Liz who left her hospital bed to do the gig and returned to hospital next day  — hope all is well with you Liz.

DSC_2432 DSC_2440 DSC_2441 DSC_2447

Next its Ryan Hosier again plus Barny the magical sax player  –tonight they are the Jazz Duo  as other member could not make it. First song was Barny on sax and Ryan on keyboard —wow that haunting Pink Floyd style sax  had the whole pub open mouthed.

DSC_2479 DSC_2481 DSC_2492 DSC_2496

Now its the turn of a band who played in here last year in the competition —New Old World— playing some fabulous songs

DSC_2528 DSC_2554 DSC_2599 DSC_2643

Had been fabulous so far and was about to get better with Spyplane  and their new rockier style — go for it Sherrie.

DSC_2704 DSC_2692 DSC_2716 DSC_2733 DSC_2746

Told you it was packed —are you in there????

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