And so its the last night of the Bands heats and we are all grateful to the Rodneys for having air conditioning.

We had a band drop out late  and the amazing Daylight Saving offered to play instead — thank you Kate and Richard. They are an acoustic duo and were a little nervous about playing to a rock crowd  but they quickly had the crowd transfixed with Kates vocals and flute and Richard guitar playing and meletron blowing.

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And then we had Best Kept Secret — and despite being seasoned musicians it was actually only their second gig together. Great songs written by Alan and the band.

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We had started off with a quiet band  then a noisier band and now it went up a couple of notches as Struckdown entered the arena.

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And now we are at full volume as Tides of Ire add to the enjoyment of a brilliant evening

20160823_221314 20160823_221330 20160823_221402 20160823_222759

Wow what a night. Garry now went off to a quiet part of the pub to bang the judges scores into the laptop and see who had made the final.

Not many points in it  but its   Witchdoctor—–Nude Vyper—-Struckdown

See you at the Final