Second night of acoustics is at the fabulous Heron Angling Society and tonight we again have 6 acts.

First up is a previous winner –with Amber Room — its Matt Clubb

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Next up its Mr Boxing Octopus himself  also a previous winner —Alexis Zacharia

20160825_203451 20160825_203515 20160825_203502 20160825_203453

Now its The Shrinking Violets — with Brian making his third appearance of the week.

20160825_210614 20160825_210627 20160825_210639 20160825_210628

Now for The Fabulous Bakery Boy — should have been Boys !!!!!

You will remember John as Pablo Funque and Mrs Miggins Pie Shop

20160825_214020 20160825_215407 20160825_214040 20160825_214029

Now its the turn of Ben Wood  who last year entered in a rock band called Black Butterfly

20160825_221025 20160825_221034 20160825_221050 20160825_221036

And finally we get to the last act of the night and its the fabulous voice of songster Mark Harris

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